Re: Javascript fails

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Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:

Firefox's javascript is part of the firefox package - provide us with a
link to whatever it is you're trying to view that's not working?
Damn, I reached up to click on the tab where it was and hit too close to
the closetab button.  Now the only one I can see with a google search is
Gerd Knorrs patch at, and that whole
page Just Works(TM).  Sorry.
Basically, it's more likely to be a badly designed website or your popup
blocker blocking a popup page making the site you're on think you don't
have javascript enabled. If javascript is turned on in firefox, then it's
turned on. Go visit a site that uses it to see...
This is related to making my pcHDTV-3000 work with an ATSC signal.  It
works fine with an analog NTSC, but I turned on the digital on ch6
tuesday evening and would like to be able to monitor it here at home.
I have no idea. I don't have telly... ;)

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