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Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:

On Friday 15 December 2006 11:28, Scott van Looy wrote:
Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:

I was just at a web site looking for info on receiving ATSC tv on my
pcHDTV-3000 card, and wasn't able to visit several of the links
because javascript wasn't enabled.  According to FF it is.

However, I don't think any java function has worked since installing

Is there a set way to do this, or have TPTB decided that they cannot
tolerate the Sun license, so java is history?  That seems rather short
sighted to me...
Java is nothing whatsoever to do with Javascript

Ohhkaaay.  This is already installed:
[[email protected] ~]# rpm -q js

Is this not the correct javascript package?  I'd have to assume till
someone tells me different, that when I hover the mouse over a link and
the link bar at the bottom of the FF screen says 'javascript', without
the quotes of course.
Firefox's javascript is part of the firefox package - provide us with a
link to whatever it is you're trying to view that's not working?
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