Re: FC6: why is microphone always disabled after reboot

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On Thursday 30 November 2006 05:06, Ian Malone wrote:
>Pavel Lisý wrote:
>> It is very annoying. After upgrade from FC5 this behaviour is changed.
>> After every reboot on every machines I have I must re enable
>> microphone. I mean:
>> 1. start gnome-volume-control
>> 2. change device -> to (OSS device) - after latest update possibility
>> change it in ALSA device disappeared.
>> 3. enable recording on Microphone (is every time on Line-in)
>> 4. change device -> to (ALSA device)
>> Skype is newest version, device set to ALSA
>> Is it problem of gnome/ALSA or skype.
>> How can I make recording from microphone default?
>If your microphone is muted on boot, use
># alsactl store
>to save the current mixer settings as the default
># alsactl restore #to load the defaults
>use the volume control to unmute the mic.
># alsactl store #to save as the new default

I've worn out my keyboard doing that, it doesn't help.  Midway through 
playing the kde sign on splash as I startx, the audio gets muted and I 
have to call up one of the mixers (I like kamix) and unmute it by turning 
off the audigy digital output which, when its enabled, mutes the analogue 
outputs.  If someone would be so nice as to relate how to stop this 
foolishness I'd be most gratefull.


Cheers, Gene
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