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Metrics and your privacy
"Mike McGrath" <[email protected]>
Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:39:05 -0600

"For users of Fedora" <[email protected]>

So we're looking for better ways to find out exactly who is out there
and what Fedora is being used for.  I've been compiling thoughts and
ideas on a metrics site.  Please take a look and comment.  What are
you, the community, most comfortable with?  Where's the line where
you'd check the check box to not participate?


I like the idea of a voluntary registration. Granted, it is less inclusive, but any form of of MANDATORY anything is going to be met with resistance. I think we would have good results if we let everyone know that it is a good way to combat M$ FUD campaigns. If we can show that Linux is installed on 37% (or what ever the percentage really is) of the computers - M$'s claims that they have 92% of the market will look REALLY bogus!

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