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Andy Hudson wrote:

Hi Andy -

For what it's worth, what I meant to convey with the partitioning is
the lack of re-sizing for the average Windows Joe who needs to make
room on their hard drive for Fedora. Of course I know Fedora can
handle partitioning, as I custom partition my installation as it is.
The annoying thing is that I directly compared Ubuntu's partition
re-sizing ability to anaconda's, but this obviously got cut from the
final review.
What is the deal with the Ubuntu resizing thing then? It is actually
going to shrink and grow existing non-native filesystems like NTFS to
make room?
With regards to the Suck it and See statement - this was added after I
submitted my review, and not by me. I think it's a little harsh
There is actually a project for Fedora live CDs

As for being someone who prefers Ubuntu, well to be honest I actually
prefer Fedora. Haven't spent some time away from the mailing
lists/wiki I've just had my wiki account reactivated and am looking
forward to writing some docs onto the wiki. I wanted to go with Fedora
as I think it is the more exciting distro, especially after the
sterling release of FC5.
It was the stuff about apt-get being "vastly superior" to yum that
guided me to think the author was perhaps more familiar and happy with
Do you have an opinion on why Ubuntu has a higher profile at the moment
than Fedora, if you even agree that is the case?
Anyway the article and the bigger stuff about Fedora is welcome
publicity for the project seems to me.
Hope your mouth feels better.


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