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On Tuesday 14 November 2006 09:40, Tim Waugh wrote:
>On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 09:02 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> But, HAL only sets up one printer Tim, and I'm used to at least 3,
>> each set to a different, known to be working profile.  Its much easier
>> to just send the job to the right profile than it is to go into the
>> properties and set it up for each job, that sucks.
>What's it got to do with HAL?  Use the 'copy printer' button if you want
>to duplicate queues.
>> But quess what, I couldn't do it like the hal method, I had to use the
>> locally usb connected path,
>Why not?
Twasn't a menu choice and it was too long to copy/paste by hand.

>>  and gimp-print-ijs, whose quality is terrible
>> on an epson.  And each one seems to have its own idea of where the top
>> of the page is, with a total vertical wobble of over an inch from one
>> of those profiles to the next.  I took my problems to the gimp-print
>> list and was told I'd have to build gutenprint from a tarball to fix
>> that.
>But Gene, *I* told you what the fix was: install gimp-print-cups.  I
>told you on that list!  Did you try it?

Have now, it works but there are diffs in the color.

>> For instance, I have gutenprint and its extras
>> also installed, they work much better than the gimp-print-ijs/foomatic
>> crap with epson printers, but if I setup a printer with the gutenprint
>> alone, then cups complains of a missing script.
>This is because there are some scripts that both gimp-print-cups and
>gutenprint-cups want to supply.  Since we have not yet made the full
>transition to gutenprint, gimp-print-cups provides those at the moment.
>The packaging bug that gutenprint-cups not requiring gimp-print-cups is
>(I'm told) going to be fixed in the next few days.
>> Now, I'm running your system-config-printer utility, and its broken,
>> clicking on the change button next to the URI does nothing, zip. 
>> Humm, I take it back, but why should it take nearly a minute to open
>> that window, and why does it not give me the same HAL derived choice
>> to use that HAL used?
>I don't know.  Why don't you file a bug report about it and help me fix
>that?  I have been working very hard to fix system-config-printer
>problems for the last few months, and I'm taking bugzilla reports in
>priority order.  Issues that aren't even in bugzilla are just not going
>to get fixed, so file bugs!

Well, I think it was burning rubber in the background reading and sorting 
all the ppd files.  But it would be nice if the mouse changed to the busy 
symbol to at least let you know the button had been clicked on. :)

>> I have historically used the IPP for everything as that seems to do
>> the job of making the printer available to the rest of my network
>> here, but copying what I used in FC2 (with cups-1.2.2) fails totally
>> now.
>I don't know what you mean here.

The missing stuff in gutenprint-cups.
>> Trying to select a gutenprint only driver, in the GB_en version gets
>> me a message that I must install the gimp-print-cups package to use
>> it.  WTF? gutenprint IS its replacement and has been for what, 2
>> years?
>The gimp-print-cups package is required for commandtoepson and
>commandtocanon.  We can't have conflicting packages in Fedora, so one of
>gimp-print or gutenprint had to take these filters.  gimp-print is what
>we're still shipping -- and I really wish we'd had time to incorporate
>gutenprint -- and so that's where those filters are.
>> But why should I have to install gimp-print-cups-4.2.7 just to use
>> gutenprint-cups-5.0?  It is also installed, and should Just Work(TM)
>> so can we file a bugzilla because it doesn't?
>There is already a bugzilla filed, and the fixed package will be pushed
>out in the next few days I'm told.

Oh Goody.  Thanks Tim.


Cheers, Gene

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