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On Tuesday 14 November 2006 06:03, Tim Waugh wrote:
>On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 10:32 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On Tuesday 14 November 2006 10:25, Tim Waugh wrote:
>> > As I said originally, make a new raw queue using
>> > system-config-printer. It has to be a new queue, it has to be raw,
>> > and it has to be made using system-config-printer.
>> Oh - and the server is FC4.  Does that make any difference?
>No, no difference as far as system-config-printer and raw queues goes.
>Fedora Core 6, you'll be glad to hear, doesn't need you to do any of

But, HAL only sets up one printer Tim, and I'm used to at least 3, each 
set to a different, known to be working profile.  Its much easier to just 
send the job to the right profile than it is to go into the properties 
and set it up for each job, that sucks.

rant mode on

But quess what, I couldn't do it like the hal method, I had to use the 
locally usb connected path, and gimp-print-ijs, whose quality is terrible 
on an epson.  And each one seems to have its own idea of where the top of 
the page is, with a total vertical wobble of over an inch from one of 
those profiles to the next.  I took my problems to the gimp-print list 
and was told I'd have to build gutenprint from a tarball to fix that.

This is not as big a reason as I had to do all 3 of those 
(cups/gimp/gutenprint) on FC2 before it would work, which resulted in 
what yum and synaptic thought was a broken system, but I don't want to 
have to go thru that again to get proper printing to work.  When, after 4 
core releases since the FC2 & cups debacle, printing is still screwed up 
by using the supplied rpms, I'm disappointed, because it surely seems the 
screwup is intentional.  For instance, I have gutenprint and its extras 
also installed, they work much better than the gimp-print-ijs/foomatic 
crap with epson printers, but if I setup a printer with the gutenprint 
alone, then cups complains of a missing script. This is using the web 
interface, which has always worked flawlessly when all this is installed 
from tarballs.

Now, I'm running your system-config-printer utility, and its broken, 
clicking on the change button next to the URI does nothing, zip.  Humm, I 
take it back, but why should it take nearly a minute to open that window, 
and why does it not give me the same HAL derived choice to use that HAL 

I have historically used the IPP for everything as that seems to do the 
job of making the printer available to the rest of my network here, but 
copying what I used in FC2 (with cups-1.2.2) fails totally now.

Trying to select a gutenprint only driver, in the GB_en version gets me a 
message that I must install the gimp-print-cups package to use it.  WTF? 
gutenprint IS its replacement and has been for what, 2 years?  It does a 
noticeably better job for the color than gimp-print-4.2.7, so why are we 
being forced to use outdated drivers just to satisfy the fedora vision of 
how this is supposed to work?  Its installing now to see if its any 

Humm, economy draft mode in greyscale at 360x180 dpi.  The image is 1 cm 
high on the page. This is using the cups+gutenprint-5.0-ijs ppd.

At this point I installed gimp-print-cups-4.2.7.

Now, setting up an lp1, my former default, same driver but at 360dpi in 
color, its finally located at the right place on the paper, and the color 
under removal is better.  Not invisible, but noticeably better.

And finally, an lp2, for best quality photo use on heavy matt paper.
Same driver, 1440x, so this will be about 15 minutes for a test page on 
regular top quality paper..  By golly, its now vertically centered on the 
paper.  But color under removal still sucks, the wheel looks as if each 
wedge goes to full ink by the time its 25% of the way to the center, and 
the central 40% of the wheels diameter is just overlaid with black.  Very 
poor color saturation inside that 25% outer area.  This I can play with 
and hopefully improve.

And a fresh test page to the economy draft lp0, after installing the 
gimp-print-cups package, is also now properly centered on the paper too.
I just changed the HAL derived (and default) setup to use this same ppd, 
and its now properly centered on the paper too, with a better looking 
color wheel, but now its at 720x360.  At 720x720 it goes into microfeed, 
20x slower so thats out.

But why should I have to install gimp-print-cups-4.2.7 just to use 
gutenprint-cups-5.0?  It is also installed, and should Just Work(TM) so 
can we file a bugzilla because it doesn't?

I don't really care what method works, as long as it works and I can share 
them on my network, but a different place on the page for the output, 
with differences of an inch from one profile to another is not 
acceptable.  Neither is poor gamma, and color under removal that goes to 
a flat grey long before its even as dark as an 18% kodak card.  If it 
cannot be fixed, then I'll "break" my system again by installing the 
tarball(s) from the src(s).  Only this time I will probably use 
checkinstall to do the make install so at least the rpm database knows 
its there.

rant mode off

I wrote the above paragraph before installing gimp-print-cups-4.2.7, which 
I shouldn't have to do, but now its acceptable so I'll shut up about it, 
till the next time...

Cheers, Gene

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