Re: Burning a backup to DVD-DL

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On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 22:45 -0500, Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 6:16 PM -0500 11/12/06, Ric Moore wrote:
> >On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 16:56 -0500, Tony Nelson wrote:
> >
> >> The problem is the size of  There is a 2 GiB limit for files in
> >> a ISO9660 filesystem (and the workaround reportedly does not work in
> >> general).  Probably star's tsize option is needed, to split the backup into
> >> 1 or 2 GiB "tapes".
> >
> >I did not know that. <bashes head on keyboard> I backed up some mission
> >critical stuff to DvD and just let K3b do it's thing. It seemed happy,
> >so I was happy. Everybody happy. I proceeded to do a fresh install.
> >
> >Then I tried to use those DvD's to restore and the system won't see
> >them. Any clues on how to get the information off?? Or, am I hosed? Ric
> Probably you are hosed, though not for file size (or K3B should have
> complained).  First, see if data can be copied from the DVD.  Even firster,
> make sure that data can be copied from some known good DVD.  I'd use dd:
>     dd if=/dev/dvd of=/dev/null bs=2048 count=10000
> or some such, using the proper device name for the DVD drive.
> In some cases, it may help to finalize the disk.  This is voodoo; I don't
> know why it would help.

Well, it ejected the Dvd and harumpfed that it was successfully
finished. I selected data DVD project, and stupidly thought it would
proceed to actually CREATE a #$^*! data Dvd.  

Damn me and my eyes, it sure as heck looked like it did just that,
clattering around, making whoosh noises in the Dvd drive bay, and the
the harddrive ticking away like the end-times were near, while the
progress bar progressed towards completion, but staying well clear of
the redzone. It ejected, when finished, to hand the stupid SOB in the
chair the "finished" product. 

I witnessed the entire event, while chain smoking like Mr. Muggs from
sheer boredom. I believed that something actually occurred between the
chair and the computer, but I now feel this sense of... ennui?
Lassitude? Kinda like getting screwed and realizing no kiss-kiss
happened? Something magically time consuming and technological spawned a
blinky light circus process and the outcome wasn't what I expected of
it, like a [email protected]#$%^&* data DvD. I've repressed the urge to spew a lot of
expletives here, amongst polite society. Stuffing hugely. 

Thankfully, Pete or I has misplaced the pick-ax. Trust me, I'll not
drive a motor vehicle until I find something to vent on. In my present
state of mind, they could send me to Iraq and it would be over in one
day. I'd push every [email protected]#$%^&* red-button I could find. I'd feel bad about
it later, when MSNBC reported the day's events and the ensuing carnage. 

Teary eyed reporter > "Oh! The humanity! a Linux user...." 
<fill in the blanks>

pissed at not knowing better for trusting the POS damn thing, Ric

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