Re: FC-6: four small whinges

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
ne... wrote:

On 11/7/06, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
Well, I don't like to quote the competition,
but Windows always seems to respond immediately you put a disk in
and click OK.
It seems clear to me that Anaconda knows a disk has been inserted,
since the read starts immediately.
Perhaps it should change the message to something like,
"Please wait while we check the disk".
File a RFE.

I also use KDE and got the choice between KDE & GNOME. I used the DVD
tho. None was hidden. BUT, I also had to go thru the individual
packages and unselect the GNOME stuff as it wanted to install that
instead of the KDE defaults. I then had to select the KDE stuff.
That is what I meant by "hidden".
Why not just ask if the user wants to use KDE or Gnome?
The initial selection is geared towards novice users with task based
groups instead of a blanket list of packages.

Other users who want to choose a specific desktop environment,text editor, mail server or whatever can do that by selecting individual packages or groups. Desktop environments are a very prominent choice there.

When repositories like extras/core are unified it would become unwieldy if Anaconda has a separate step asking users if they want GNOME or KDE or XFCE or other dozens of desktops environments and windows managers.

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