Re: Analog Telephone Adapter usage

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On Wed, 01 Nov 2006 19:00:39 +1030, Tim wrote:
>> <>
> That device looks like it sits between your phone and a network
> connection to the internet.  If you have a modem/router you don't even
> need a computer.  It's a stand-alone device, a network device in itself.
> If you don't have a modem/router, then you'd need to use a computer to
> share the internet connection between itself and the ATA, much the same
> way as you share the internet between more than one PC.

I connect to a SMC7004VWBR router/firewall wirelessly, but well enough for
skype.  I would be using my computer as a gateway, of sorts, with this

> That's a software phone.  You use your computer for VOIP, with whatever
> sound devices are plugged into it (mic, speakers, headphones, etc.).

The device wouldn't work with Gizmo, then?  I'd need a VoIP provider,
along the lines of vonage?



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