Re: [OT] CIDR Mask calculation

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On 12-Oct-2006 17:52.11 (BST), Dave Ihnat wrote:
 > Anyway, the addresses you gave, converted to binary, are:
 >    : 11011011.10000000.00000000.00000000
 > 11011011.10001001.11111111.11111111
 >                                ^
 > The last bit that is invariant between the two is marked with the caret;
 > converting back to a decimal dotted-quad (you can use 'dc' again--to set
 > the input to binary, simply change the 'o' operand in the above example
 > to an 'i', then input the binary value and print.)
 >   Mask
 >    : 11111111.11110000.00000000.00000000
 > or, in conventional notation,

That's - though :)

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