Re: how to access remote CUPS printer?

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At 1:27 AM +0930 9/27/06, Tim wrote:
>>> If you're able to compile and run your own software, then you ought to
>>> have enough permissions to be able to edit your configuration.  If some
>>> administrator has not given you root access permission, but then left
>>> you able to compile and run new software, they've not properly done
>>> their job in securing the box.
>Michael Hennebry:
>> ????
>> Only root is supposed to be able to use a compiler?
>That isn't quite how I meant it.  If you're able to create your own
>software, and you're not prevented from running it, then there's little
>point in restricting you from root access.  You can already own the
>machine, with those abilities.

No.  That is completely false.  Try it yourself.  *nix file protection is
in the kernel and not in the individual programs.
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