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On Sat, 2006-08-26 at 21:51 -0400, Robert L. Cochran wrote:
> How do I get Fedora Core 5 to automatically detect and set up my wireless 
> connection? I can see that it detects the Broadcom 43xx (I think it's a 
> 4316) integrated wireless controller, but the runlevel 5 scripts don't 
> actually detect and configure the connection with the essid and encryption 
> key, then do a dhcp call to get an IP address, the host name, and the DNS 
> information.
Are you using NetworkManager and nm-applet and NetworkManagerDispatcher?
That works for me.
> If I do this manually in a terminal as root:
> iwconfig eth1 essid hummr
> iwconfig eth1 key open xxxx...
> dhclient eth1
> The wireless connection comes up and Firefox can visit websites etc. But I 
> have 2 problems:
> The hostname isn't changed from localhost.localdomain to the one I want for 
> this machine (it should be supplied by my dhcp server)
> I'm only getting an 11 Mbps bitrate and I know this wireless connection can 
> do 54.
> and perhaps a third issue:
> The connection doesn't seem able to scan for available wireless networks, 
> either.
> Thanks for any advice that can be supplied. I did look for this information 
> on and I also Googled.
> Bob Cochran 
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