QTparted and NTFS resizing

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I know this isn't strictly FC, but am running out of harddrive space, and need 
somewhere to put FC6, when I can psych myself up for another 8days of iso 
downloads on dialup.

There is one fixed drive on this machine, which was all NTFS, but thanks to 
webmin, is now a mix of NTFS, and FAT32 partitions. I now use one of the 5 
1/4 slots for a harddrive caddy, as I run many distro's on this machine. The 
one I want to resize is the original XP one (preinstalled on the aiii-friend 
machine), which is now in one of the caddies. 

Knoppix 5.0's QTparted, version-0.4.5-cvs gets the info ok for hdb (the fixed 
drive), but when trying to get the info for hda (XP in the caddy) the 
progress bar on the "get info" pane is at 100% and a few seconds later 
QTparted crashes.

Any suggestions as to what is causing QTparted to crash when trying to get 
info from the NTFS formatted XP drive?

XP is using 8.9GB of a 40GB drive, and the defrag analyse utility shows a lot 
of data at the beginning of the drive, then a lot of blank space, then 
another bunch of data with some unmoveable files, but there appears to be at 
least half of the drive available for resizing. I'm not too bothered about 
loosing XP, as even though it has quite a few music apps on it, I never use 
it now, apart from updating the 3rd party security. System restore is 
disabled, so that Norton Ghost can work on it.


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