Re: removing old Kernels

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Greetings Jim,

Jim Cornette wrote:
Kostas Sfakiotakis wrote:
Greetings Brian ,

< snip >

Is it possible to run make rpm and get a compiled version of the kernel?

I will fail you on that . All i can suggest is this . Get the kernel-source-version.rpm . This is essentially the "rpm version of the
tarball" . Then run rpmbuild --rebuild and make the kernel rpm .

I have not compiled a kernel in awhile. I seem to recall doing this on the vanilla kernel source. After you compile the rpm, you could remove
it with the usual rpm -e  <kernel-custom> command.

You could try make rpm.

No rule to make target rpm . Do you by any chance mean ,
rpmbuild ? rpmbuild will fail because the top level directory doesn't have the spec file needed to do the job .

Anyway what do i have to loose if i just go ahead without using
an rpm and compile the kernel the old fashioned way . I don't understand the problem to the stability of the system if the rpmdatabase isn't aware of the kernel being running.


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