Re: Fedora Core 5 Issues

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Mark Haney wrote:

Regardless, that scenario of the OP is exactly my situation, I run almost entirely x86_64 CPUs with SATA (and SATA2) drives as boot and RAID drives. I
Honestly, nothing annoys me more than a post (or phone call, face-to-face, etc) where someone says, 'It's broken' and nothing else. Being a Sysadmin for as long as I have this is my one pet peeve.
Yes they tell you 'it's broken' and then there is a silence while you
wait to hear why they think it's broken, and they wait for you to fix it.
Well you are firing on a lot of cylinders there the only thin difference
is are you running a kernel from the last 6-8 weeks or so? I guess not
on those unrebooted Opterons. I don't have any basis for my suspicion
except that the behaviours on my box of knocking two HDDs to death from
different manufacturers and the fact it was fine for a good long while
beforehand. And I guess I know there is libata and kernelside work to
do with ATA in kernels around that time. But it can as easily, well,
more easily, be a powersupply problem in my case.

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