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Greetings Tim ,

Tim wrote:
On Sun, 2006-08-13 at 01:40 +0300, Kostas Sfakiotakis wrote:
gthumb is pretty cool . Kview i have noticed but it has a problem
If you ask Kview to open 100 images it will open 100 windows with
one window on each one , i guess you are not suggesting this option .
I tried eog but i got a bit scared with it . I guess i will stick with
gthumb from the programs you mentioned .
I can't imagine what's frightening about eog.
Well since i haven't used it before ( am a KDE user ) , possibly i might
have misunderstood something for example if one of my images was saying
at the bottom line ( Trasfering data from ... ) might have given me the
impression that eog was trying to access the net not the local image file .

(eog:3742): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_get_origin: assertion `window != NULL' failed
Now the above message was something i got from eog , i don't think it's
very important but i don't understand either .

One thing I've found annoying about various viewers that I've tried, is how slow it is
between wanting to view a file, and getting to see it.  None of Nautilus
gThumb, or eog, are quick to start up.
Am uncertain on what you mean here . For example i tried eog for a
second time today ( the open directory option ) on a directory
with 100 images . Everything was straight forward . I even changed
to full screen and the delay between 2 images was no more than a second
maximum 2 seconds . Same deal is with gthumb , i can't speak about Nautilus since i haven't used it.


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