Re: Boot floppy for FC5

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Joel Rees wrote:
>> There is also an IDE drive there, maybe putting GRUB in it's MBS will
>> work and set it up to boot from SCSI partition.
> Yeah, even if you end up installing a (very small) system on the IDE
> drive, just for the convenience of using FC's installer to install grub.
> You can then install the whole system on the SCSI drive and have grub on
> the IDE point to the SCSI.
> If you end up with /boot on the IDE as well, as someone mentioned you
> might, I wouldn't sweat it, I'd just remember to back /boot up from the
> IDE  to the SCSI disks after any kernel update..
You should not need to do that. If /boot is on its own partition,
then even it does not matter if the /boot partition is on the IDE or
the SCSI drive after the system boots. It is only during the boot
process that /boot must be on a drive that the BIOS can read. Linux
handles /boot being on a different drive then / with no problems. So
a kernel install/upgrade would write the new kernel to the IDE
drive, and that is where it will be accessed from on the running system.


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