Re: Can we get Opera now??

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Peter Gordon wrote:
Charles Curley wrote:
On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 11:07:26AM -0700, Peter Gordon wrote:
Beartooth wrote:
If Debian can do it, why not Fedora and yum? Opera *has* been free for a
long time now, after all ...
It is only free as in "no cost." Until it is Free/open source, we cannot it
include it in Fedora proper.
Is this the sort of thing that the Livna folks do?
Yes. As I understand it, the Livna folks package up stuff that is
legally redistributable, but cannot be included in Fedora proper due to
patent restrictions or proprietary licensing, etc.
You can download a Fedora 3/4/5 rpm from opera's website. The static rpm works great, too.

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