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On 8/1/06, Jeff Vian <jvian10@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Thanks, Waqas. Ideally, yum should not act as you describe, as not
> > > always the same package is necessary for two other different packages.
> > > I was trying to remove mediawiki and all the packages that were
> > > installed when mediawiki was installed. Meanwhile, I found that
> > > synaptic has got the "complete removal" feature that seems to
> > > correspond to what I was looking for. Thus, I ask: if synaptic is apt
> > > to perform a complete removal (the package itself and the other
> > > packages required by it), why is not yum also able to do so?
> >
> > A similar feature is provided in yum-utils
> >
> > # yum install yum-utils
> > # package-cleanup --leaves. Take a look at the other options and
> > commands too. This isnt exposed in any graphical program that uses yum
> > that I know of though.
> Thanks, Rahul.
> # package-cleanup --leaves
> only gives a list of packages, and, therefore, it seems that I have to
> use 'yum remove' to remove them. Is there some way of automatically
> feeding that list into the 'yum remove' command?
did you try man on package-cleanup?

It tells me:
       package-cleanup  is  a  program  for  cleaning up the
locally-installed RPMs.

Sure, I did, but

package-cleanup --leaves mediawiki

did not remove mediawiki.


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