can not login after update

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Hello everyone,

I am running Fedora Core 5 on a Dell Dimension dual core processor
system. I did an yum update on Sunday afternoon and it updated several
packages (62, I think).

I rebooted the system because one of the packages was a new kernel. Now
I can't login as anyone except root. When I boot to the previous (known
good) kernel, I get the same errors.

When I try to login via the graphical login, I get an authentication
failed error and these messages in /var/log/messages
pam_winbind[2324]: request failed, but PAM error 0!
pam_winbind[2324]: internal module error (retval=3, user = 'username')
login[2324]: Couldn't set acct. mgmt for username

and it dumps me back to the initial login screen.

When I try to login as my regular user from command line (non-X mode,
like from a virtual terminal), I get the following error messages
in /var/log/messages
pam_winbind[2231]: request failed, but PAM error 0!
pam_winbind[2231]: internal module error (retval=3, user = 'username')
login[2231]: Error in service module

and it dumps me back to the initial login screen.

I have tried to search for these problems and error messages, but all I
can find is some vague references to samba. Now samba was one of the
packages updated, but I can't figure out what is wrong with it. 

I would really appreciate any assistance that I can get with this

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