Re: Squid stop working!!

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Tim wrote:
Guillermo Garron:
on the /var/log/messages it says that squid can not open the ICP port (UDP 3130)
on the
it says
commBind: cannot bind socket FD 13 to *:3130 (13) Permission denied

Paul Howarth:
This looks like an SELInux problem, like this one:
On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 08:28 -0400, Guillermo Garron wrote:
that was easy!!!
thanks, i had never think about SELinux, as i configured it for
letting squid work :) in the squid option of the systemc-config-security level -SELinux tab- so i thought that was all.
ok, no i finally turn off SELinux :),
I'd recommend configuring it properly, rather than disabling it.  Squid
usually works on port 3128, and the SELinux presets for allowing Squid
to work would be configured for it, not 3130.  That's probably why
you're having problems.  There's two fairly simple solutions:  I think
the easiest would be to run Squid on port 3128.  Alternatively, you
could customise the SELinux rule for port 3130.
Squid actually uses a number of ports and this is normal behaviour; it's
a policy bug.
I can't offer advice on how to do the second one, I haven't studied the
I've put together a brief introduction to doing this here:

Comments welcome.

Note that this particular problem has already been pushed upstream and should be fixed in the next policy update.

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