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>> The hint about understanding this, is when you try and open a file in a
>> file browser, which will actually be opened in an external application,
>> is that the file browser doesn't pass the file to the application, it
>> passes the filepath to the application (the file's address), and that
>> application opens the file itself.  It's got to be an addressing scheme
>> that the application supports.

Trond Danielsen:
> If Gnome and Kde would stop using their own implementations (f.ex.
> gnome-vfs) and instead just provide a wrapper around fuse or pmount to
> mount the remote location into the file system, then this would no
> longer be a problem. Mounting sftp is supported by fuse and sshfs, and
> samba is supported by the kernel, so this should not be a major
> problem. Does anybody else think is a good idea?

I think the /net directory and one of the auto-fs services is supposed
to do that, but I've never a read a good explanation.  Heck, I don't
think I've read anything describe what you're supposed to do with
the /net directory.

Auto mounting of read-only media ought to be easy, and virtually
transparent to the user.  Writeable media is a bit more difficult.
Networked resources even more so.  But the current situation is a bit of
a mess.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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