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On 7/13/06, Anderson Alipio - Clicaí <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello all,

 * Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am using Fedora 5 *

I'm having a problem when I open files from network (system - remote
places - workgroup - computer - share...) sorry if the words are not
location bar looks like this:

I click on a computer and a share of it.

I can see the workgroups and the computers, but when I try to open a file
like .pdf or .doc, .xls, .... by clicking on it, the program ( eg.:
openoffice) starts to open, but closes whith no erros and the file dosn't
when I copy the file to a local place or when I mount the share to a local
folder, it works.

Any ideas?

It was working on a older distro, fedora 4 and others...
I look it up on the net but no luky...


Anderson Alipio
[email protected]

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You have just discovered one of the greatest weaknesses of Gnome: VFS.
Since gnome uses its own virtual file system, only a few applications
are able to open files on remote computers when you click on them in
Nautilus. If you samba share had been mounted the proper way, then
every application could have taken advantage of it, but this is not
the case. But I should not complain, since I do not have the time or
talent to fix it :)

Trond Danielsen

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