Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

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Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I find that my internet connection is very slow. I speed test my
> conection and it comes out at ~170 kilo bytes per second, which sits
> well with a 1.5 MBS line. When I ping google, I have about 80% packet
> loss, and the packets take 200-300 ms.
> My ISP says that the infrastuture company is to blame. The
> infrastructure says that there is no problem with them, and that my
> router or computer is to blame. They have a windows tool to check it,
> but I've no winbox here right now. Until I run their tool and
> eliminated my machine as the source of the problem, they won't help me
> pinpoint the problem.
> What can I do to pinpoint the problem, or at least discount my machine
> and my router as problematic? Thanks.
> Dotan Cohen

This whole problem is funny.  I see it all the time where everyone
claims "not my problem, must be these people..." anyway, the reason I
find it funny is that they all seem to think that windows is all that
anyone every runs.  When I am debugging a network problem, I always plug
in my linux laptop, and if it works fine, then I tell the windows users,
its a windows problem and I walk away.  I then call desktop support for

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