Checking internet connection without a winbox

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I find that my internet connection is very slow. I speed test my
conection and it comes out at ~170 kilo bytes per second, which sits
well with a 1.5 MBS line. When I ping google, I have about 80% packet
loss, and the packets take 200-300 ms.

My ISP says that the infrastuture company is to blame. The
infrastructure says that there is no problem with them, and that my
router or computer is to blame. They have a windows tool to check it,
but I've no winbox here right now. Until I run their tool and
eliminated my machine as the source of the problem, they won't help me
pinpoint the problem.

What can I do to pinpoint the problem, or at least discount my machine
and my router as problematic? Thanks.

Dotan Cohen

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