Re: gnome-panel crashes after update [FC5]

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Yep Jim, cups works ;
But have another problem since grub cant boot off my stat (where i have another fc) :(
"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when you open Windows !"

Jim Cornette wrote:
It sounds like you have three options, upgrade fully to development, download and downgrade the below packages with rpm --oldpackage from packages in the FC5 repositories or backup critical data you want to save and do a clean install.

LarryT wrote:

Okay : it works now. :)
Have update all the system enabling the dev repo.
Thx Jim.

Welcome to FC6T1 then.
I guess the differences between FC5 and FC6T1 are substantial enough now that running a pick and choose system for cups and company are not workable.

Does cups work now, since you took the venture?


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