Re: gnome-panel crashes after update [FC5]

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Yes, i had enable the dev repo.
I give a try to the complet update, enabling the dev repo again.
God bless :-p

"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when you open Windows !"

Jim Cornette wrote:
LarryT wrote:

First of all i thank you for answering !

Before i made the update, everything was working well. From the beginning i have have disable SElinux and firewall, cause i am behind a other firewall (IPCOP). It is exactly after i made this update that the both gnome panels (top and buttom) crashed at logon. (i wanted to update cups, and it added many deps ; you can see my yum.log there :
And i didnt install any other things.

I gonna try what you tell me
thx a bunch


By reading the link, you mentioned enabling the development repository in order to pull in cups. With the additional packages needing updated in order to meet the dependency demands for cups, some elements for gnome-panel might not be present.
It sounds like you have three options, upgrade fully to development,
download and downgrade the below packages with rpm --oldpackage from
packages in the FC5 repositories or backup critical data you want to
save and do a clean install.
As a note, I am running development fully which was FC5 awhile back and
things are working except for some minor bugs.

Excerpt from forum posting:
S here is my last yum.log :
Jul 08 17:18:50 Updated: gnutls.i386 1.4.0-1
Jul 08 17:18:50 Updated: libsoup.i386 2.2.94-3
Jul 08 17:18:58 Updated: evolution-data-server.i386 1.7.3-3
Jul 08 17:18:59 Updated: libnotify.i386 0.4.0-1
Jul 08 17:18:59 Updated: cups-libs.i386 1:1.2.1-18
Jul 08 17:19:06 Updated: nautilus-cd-burner.i386 2.15.3-1
Jul 08 17:19:28 Updated: gnome-media.i386 2.14.2-4
Jul 08 17:20:31 Updated: gnome-panel.i386 2.14.2-5
Jul 08 17:20:33 Updated: NetworkManager.i386 0.7.0-0.cvs20060529.1
Jul 08 17:20:34 Updated: NetworkManager-glib.i386 0.7.0-0.cvs20060529.1
Jul 08 17:21:03 Updated: evolution.i386 2.7.3-9
Jul 08 17:21:03 Installed: paps.i386 0.6.6-10.fc6
Jul 08 17:21:04 Updated: NetworkManager-gnome.i386 0.7.0-0.cvs20060529.1
Jul 08 17:21:05 Updated: evolution-sharp.i386 0.11.1-5
Jul 08 17:21:09 Updated: rhythmbox.i386 0.9.5-1
Jul 08 17:21:14 Updated: gnome-power-manager.i386 2.15.3-1
Jul 08 17:21:21 Updated: cups.i386 1:1.2.1-18
Jul 08 17:21:28 Updated: sound-juicer.i386 2.15.3-2
Jul 08 17:21:35 Updated: gnome-volume-manager.i386 1.5.15-3
Jul 08 17:21:39 Updated: evolution-data-server-devel.i386 1.7.3-3
Jul 08 17:21:43 Updated: evolution-webcal.i386 2.7.1-4

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