Re: KDE update - lost control centre ?

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Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

> My "problem" is that I don't run Fedora's KDE.  I compile KDE from
> KDE's Branch 3.5 SVN tree.  So when "redhat-menus" is installed, my
> K-menu is hosed.  Uninstall it, all is well.
> But the problem that everyone else seems to be having is, I think,
> different than mine, because no one seems to have mentioned that they
> compile KDE from source.  (Even though I compile KDE from source, I DO
> NOT compile it for the same location that Fedora installs it's KDE
> rpm's in :))
> Steven P. Ulrick
> P.S.: Just wondering: should I file a bug report against redhat-menus?

Do what fc's packaging now does.  Move kde's
/etc/xdg/menus/ to (something like)
/etc/xdg.d/kde/ and set environment variable

-- Rex

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