Re: KDE update - lost control centre ?

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On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 07:45:43 +0100
"Mike Cohler" <[email protected]> wrote:

> After last night's update to KDE (kdebase.i386 6:3.5.3-0.4.fc5) I
> don't seem to be able to find the KDE Control Centre and something is
> not quite right with the icons in the K Menu - is this just me or have
> others seen the same ?
> Mike

Hello, Everyone
I had the same problem everyone else that has complained about this has
had.  I lost a LOT more than just the control center.  But I have, at
least, similar problems every time an update is released that has a
dependency on redhat-menus.  So this is how my update went:
	1 - Before the update:
My K-menu looked just like normal.

	2 - During & after the update:
After redhat-menus was reinstalled (I remove it with the --nodeps flag
every time it gets reinstalled) my K-menu became afflicted in the same
way that people are complaining about.

	3 - After running "rpm -e --nodeps redhat-menus" my K-menu went
back to normal (as it always does when I remove "redhat-menus")

My "problem" is that I don't run Fedora's KDE.  I compile KDE from
KDE's Branch 3.5 SVN tree.  So when "redhat-menus" is installed, my
K-menu is hosed.  Uninstall it, all is well.
But the problem that everyone else seems to be having is, I think,
different than mine, because no one seems to have mentioned that they
compile KDE from source.  (Even though I compile KDE from source, I DO
NOT compile it for the same location that Fedora installs it's KDE
rpm's in :))

Steven P. Ulrick

P.S.: Just wondering: should I file a bug report against redhat-menus?
Should redhat-menus continually overwrite my real K-menu, considering
that redhat-menus is installed in /usr, and my KDE is installed
in /usr/local/kde-svn-fc5?  My user account has the appropriate lines
in .bash_profile so that when I log into KDE, I get the version
compiled from KDE's SVN tree.

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