Re: where is a command line in fedora core 5

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>> Is there an easy way to redesign your whole desktop, not just fiddle
>> with icons or pick from someone else's themes?  For instance, on the
>> evil empire's OS, it's a breeze to get rid of stark white backgrounds
>> behind black text, and pick other background colours at will.
>> For what it's worth, I'm using Gnome, too.

Jacques B:
> As Dan mentions, if you mean change your desktop background,

Unfortunate choice of words on my behalf, I didn't really mean the
desktop background, I meant the background of most windows (like
Nautilus, Evolution, Gedit, and so on).

> The themes I've played with didn't have a background so I had to
> select that outside of the theme.  Themes are a great way to give your
> icons a consistent look all in one shot.  You can then change some
> individually if you wish.

Icons really isn't it.  I've changed some in Firefox, because the new
tab one just looks like a squiggle with no hint for its purpose.  I do
miss the ability that Windows gave you to modify how the current GUI
colours were set - backgrounds for this, backgrounds for that, click on
the bit you want to modify (in the config GUI), then adjust a colour;
and resize individual graphical parts of the windows, individually.

The Gnome themes are too much of an all-or-nothing approach.  You have
to trawl through lots of other people's themes, hoping to find something
you can live with.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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