Re: where is a command line in fedora core 5

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Where is information how to configure it more?  I do not appreciate the
color of the  little house, the  "Home". To drag and drop it to the panel
does not work.
Regards customizing the look, depends if you are using gnome or kde
(or something else).  I use gnome and installed the gartoon theme and
the graphite border for the windows (sort of a MAC OS X look to the
windows).  The gartoon theme is nice and colorful.

You can right click on an icon on your desktop and choose properties
and then click on the icon to change it.  I haven't checked, but I'm
certain you can get individual icons (or make your own) on the
Internet that you can select instead of the default one.

You can get the gnome themes at .  And
installing a theme is very simple.  Click on System, Preferences,
Theme.  You can then drag and drop the theme you downloaded into that
window (or browse for it by choosing Install Theme).

(with gnome...) You can then go in Theme Details to further tweak the
appearance of your desktop and then save that as your own personal
theme so you can pull it up again later if you happen to accidentally
change it (or experiment with others).

Once I found how to do this, I really started to enjoy my desktop a
lot more (it was nice and clean before, but we all have our
preferences to make our own environment our own and make it more

Once you've done that, you can play with the background on your panels
(and make them semi-transparent), and same for the terminal window.
You can change the background, make it semi-transparent.  I typically
like things fairly clean and lean.  This customizing allowed me to
change the look to something I liked, while still clean looking.

To get a home link on your panel (again, I'm using gnome - may be
different in kde), right click on it and select Add to Panel.  Then
select Custome Application Launcher.  In that window you will see an
option near the bottom called Type.  Change that to Link (which will
change the Command  text box to URL).  For your URL, enter
where myhomefolder would be the name of your folder (or you can put
whatever folder here of course, such as file:///XP/Master if you have
a dual boot system with a NTFS drive mounted under /XP/Master).  and
of course you can click on the icon button to go select one.  So set
one up for your home folder and then select an icon that you'd like to
have and you're in business.

Then if you want to remove the home icon from your desktop, go under
Applications, System Tools, Configuration Editor (or from terminal
Windown the command is gconf-editor).  Go under Apps, Nautilus,
Desktop.  You will see options the right where you can select which
icons you want displayed on your desktop.  In there you'll note all
kinds of other stuff you can edit.

Good luck, and enjoy your new desktop.

Jacques B.

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