Re: Plan for OpenOffice 2.0.3

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Il giorno lun, 03/07/2006 alle 18.21 -0500, Jeff Vian ha scritto:

> Of course it does not prevent making the newest version available, but
> that is not your issue.  
Ok... snip all message.

I know very well the problem. And I have to tell that I'm not in repo
hell because I'm using only the "official" repos.

My issue depend on this:
OOo 2.0.2 that is actually in fedora repos (and also the official OOo
2.0.2) doesn't work well for me, for a little bug that make some excel
files not opened.

So I used 2.0.1 because in OOo org told me that this bug is already
solved in 2.0.3 but 2.0.3 was unavailable.

Now I checked OOo and I found 2.0.3 available for download.

So my question was, I have to install from ooo org, or I can wait for a
week and I will 2.0.3 becoma available in updates repo?

All different from this question, like workaround, are not usefull for
me (maybe for other readers are usefull but... there are a lot of other
thread treating this argument).

A simple question... that wait for a simple reply: Yes or No.

if is Yes
  sleep (60*24*7)
  yum check-update openoffice*
  Download from OOO (already done)
  rpm -e OpenOff*
  rpm -ivh Open*


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