Re: sound and corruption problem with thunderbird in KDE on FC5

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--- LPM <lpm48@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have a rather strange problem with Thunderbird in KDE. 
> I
> can not get the new mail sound to work.  If I select a custom sound
> and
> then click on "preview sound", tbird freezes and then often will
> crash.
>  About the same time this started, I started to get abook.mab
> corruption.  The usual garbage at the end of the file.  I can fix the
> abook by removing the garbage, but it does get bothersome since it
> happens about once a week.  I don't believe much in coincidences, so
> I
> would suspect that the corruption occurs due to tbird trying to play
> a
> sound.

Well, I tried some more experiments.  I logged in to another user
running KDE, and the wav file plays fine in Tbird on that account.  I
went back into the problem account and deleted the .thunderbird
directory and let Tbird create a new one.  Selected the wav file in the
new mail sound preferences and tried a preview.  No go.  So it looks
like it is a problem specific to the one user in KDE only.  I'm not
sure what configuration files to look at in that account, and no clue
what to look for even if I knew which files to look at.  I hope someone
has a suggestion of what to look at next.


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