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I have installed a xen0 kernel and am trying to build a module fglrx-kmod from the livna srpm to load, but it ain't working can you help?

If I do:

rpmbuild -ba SPEC/fglrx-kmod.spec --target $(uname -rm) --without userland

I get a message saying (xen0) unsupported architecture.

In the spec file the line %define xenvar xen0 had been commented, but removing the comment makes no difference:

%define upvar ""
%ifarch i686 ppc
%define smpvar smp
%ifarch i686 x86_64
#disabled for now:
define xenvar xen0
%define kdumpvar kdump
%{!?kvariants: %define kvariants %{?upvar} %{?smpvar} %{?xenvar} %{?kdumpvar}}

Please help...
Mark Curry

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