Problem with tvtime and Xorg updates -- I think??

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I seem to have lost some clarity in my reception after recent upgrades.
I was unsuccessful in getting help on the #tvtime IRC.  Below is a copy
of my conversation.  I am hoping someone here can help.

"<bill__>  Hi; I have just upgraded a bunch of Xorg files (and other
programs including the latest kernel) on Fedora Core 5.  The clarity of
my TV reception now seems all screwed up.
  I am using, kernel 2.6.17-2139-FC5, ATI Wonder VE, tvtime 1.0.1.
<voosuz> what do you mean by clarity?
<bill__> hi voosuz; I was trying to avoid starting with long verbal
descriptions.  It seems that the contrast has been increased, but when I
decrease the contrast value the whole picture just fades a bit.
<voosuz> did the same happen for mplayer/xine movies after your upgrade?
<bill__> Didn't try.  I have never watched movies on my console.  For
example, I keep news broadcasts on in the background. 
 CNN usually gives me my best reception.  Now it seems facial detail is
lost, colours appear in blobs rather than gradients.
 The loss in clarity is not huge, but noticeable.
(In the last couple of World Cup games, close up shots are watchable
even if not as sharp as they used to be, but, long shots are overwhelmed
by the greenish/yellow of the soccer field.)
 Don't have/own any movie disks.
 If it helps -- I am in Ottawa Canada, using Rogers Cable.  They have
been moving to digital high definition lately.  My pictures have been
slowly appearing clearer and clearer over the last few months -- almost
becoming spectacular.  This problem is more than a step backwards.
<voosuz> hmm sorry, i'm only a user myself
<bill__> Thanks for trying voosuz;  maybe someone who has some
suggestions can read this exchange and respond with some ideas.
<voosuz> if it really bothers you (i know it would bother me) you should
try and locate which package upgrade exactly caused it.
<bill__> Yea voosuz; I agree.  I was trying to avoid an afternoon
playing around and tweaking, but I guess there is nothing but to get

I really don't want to climb this long learning curve if I can avoid it.
Has anybody else run into this problem?  Can anyone add suggestions on
how to solve it?  Is it a bug?

Regards Bill

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