Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

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On 03/07/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What do you consider local?  And does it feel the same with very simple

I am sorry for the confusion. I meant sites that are hosted near my
physical location, such as the university website. I did not mean
sites that are hosted on my home machine. I do know the difference,
but I wrote that at ~2:00 am and didn't think very much.

In addition to the DNS server issues mentioned by Les, web browsers can
be quite slow.  If a page has complex scripting or styling, it can be
slow to draw (try turning off Java, JavaScript, and styling).  If your
browser is chugging through a large cache or history, it can be slow
(try reducing the size of your cache or history collecting).  You could
try a different browser, that'd give you a comparison without having to
mangle your preferred settings.

Even google with the minimalistic page layout is slow. I'm pretty
certain that it's the establishment of connection that is taking a
long time, and not the transfer of information or the painting of the
screen. Once things start going, they move quickly. Yet, other http
requests (such as images) are very slow as well to start up.

Dotan Cohen

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