Re: ZFS: Ten reasons to reformat your hard drives

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Hello All,

B. CDDL might be OK for Fedora, but it's not OK for kernel tree people;
Until ZFS enters the main tree, ZFS is of little interest for Fedora
(and/or this list)

Don't think so, I would be very interested in the a ZFS for Fedora even if it was something that was just for Fedora, or if someone did up a module that I could yum into the kernel via a 3rd party site, it maybe a better statement that it may not be of interest to yourself at this point and time as it stands to but to generalize this is wrong. If there is a discussion about ZFS and how it pertains to Linux/Fedora this would be an okay place to discuss it in my opinion.

There are I am sure a variety of things that are not okay with the kernel folk that maybe supplied as 3rd party stuff to make things work.



Aly S.P Dharshi

	 "A good speech is like a good dress
	  that's short enough to be interesting
	  and long enough to cover the subject"

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