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On Monday 19 June 2006 04:32, Steven Pasternak wrote:
> We need advertising!!! Most people I've spoken to have never heard of
> linux (or suse or fedora or debian etc.). If granny knew that linux
> could bring life back into her WinME system, she would know to buy
> redhat or suse or anything not windows and $400!

This is the correspondence I had with TV Channel 5 in the UK:-

Your Reference:  VA/122479/PP (Please quote this reference in all
further correspondence) 
Date: 9th March 2005

Dear Dave
Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding The Gadget Show and please
allow us to apologise for the delay in responding.  This has been due to
us receiving an unusually large amount of viewer correspondence.

Your appreciative comments regarding the programme have been noted in
our Viewer Enquiries Report, which is circulated throughout the company.

Thank you for your interest in Five. 
Yours sincerely

Please note that the contact details for Five Customer Services are as

Telephone:                              0845 7 05 05 05
Text telephone for use by deaf people:          0845 7 41 37 87
E-mail:                         customerservices@xxxxxxx
Fax:                            020 7836 1286

-----Original Message-----
From: David Fletcher [mailto:dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 04 March 2005 21:25
To: Customer Services
Subject: Gadget show

That was an excellent piece in "The Gadget Show" this evening, about
source software.

I've posted details on the Fedora Linux mailing list.

Let's have more of the same good stuff, please.


Dave Fletcher

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copied or disclosed to persons other than the intended recipient. Any 
liability arising from any third party acting or refraining from acting on 
any information contained in this e-mail is excluded. If you have received 
this e-mail in error please notify the sender immediately and delete it and 
any copies from your computer and network. This e-mail has been checked for 
viruses but it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that the 
opening use or onward transmission of the e-mail and any attachments will not 
adversely affect its systems or data and no responsibility is accepted by 
Five in this regard. 

I can't remember the exact content of the program, but they were certainly 
showing off The Gimp, and a couple of other things.

I thought WOW the message is going out, but I've never seen anything else like 
it since.


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