Re: System date resetting when rebooting (FC4)

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Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:

Kam Leo wrote:

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 15:51 -0500, Stéphane Bruno wrote:

Stéphane Bruno wrote:

I installed FC4 on several Dell PowerEdge servers (PowerEdge 850, SC420, etc.), but I notice that every time I reboot the
server, the system date is changed.

I notice that when I shutdown I see an error printed on the screen like "Syncing hardware clock to system time... timeout or something" and it prints that the operation failed. Also, at startup, I notice an error message, something about a timeout occuring for clock tick.

Check dmesg, but IMO this is either:

a) ... A dead clock battery, or
b) ... A missing kernel module/parameter required for that mobo's timer functions. And/or a kernel bug.

For the former, obviously just replacing the battery will help :)

For the latter, try building a custom kernel RPM using the guide I wrote on: ,and check for anything specific to your chipset.

You mentioned that you installed FC4 onto "several" servers, but you didn't explicitly state whether or not your problem was affecting all of them. Is it just one of the machines or all of them? If it's just one, and the others are the same hardware, then I'd go with the "dead clock battery" theory.

I have the same problem on three Dell PowerEdge servers on which I installed FC4. I did not have the problem though with RHEL 3.0 which is installed on the fourth one.

Also, I cannot follow the previous solution because I did not install any gui, so I do not have a Date/Time applet.

Please, can someone help me.


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