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Guy Fraser wrote:

Sorry not to reply in so long. I've been off the net.

On Wed, 2006-03-05 at 18:23 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:

Guy Fraser wrote:

What do you expect. The government will not hire quality technical staff, since they have quotas and have had special interest groups to satisfy. Jobs certainly do not go to the best qualified people. I applied a few times over the last couple decades and each time was told I would not qualify because I am not in a demographic that is required to fill the position. Apparently discrimination is allowed if you are an educated experienced white male with no visible disability. It also seems that the people who do meet the demographic conditions, know they can't be fired so are allowed to
do a crummy job and get away with it.
Eh? You don't support Affirmative Action (or whatever it is they
call it Up North)?


Or as Diane Raggsdale used to shout repeatedly in the Dallas,
Texas City Council Meetings...

"Yooooouuuu........... are a RACISSSSSSS"
"Yooooouuuu........... are a RACISSSSSSS"
"Yooooouuuu........... are a RACISSSSSSS"

about 20 to 30 times consecutively, pausing only for breath.

I hope you are being sarcastic.
I am. Definitely. I believe that "affirmative action" has done
more to set back blacks from getting the social advancement
they deserve than any other single thing government has done
since 1964 or so.

I belive that Diane Raggsdale was one of the most racist people
on the face of the Earth, the "reverend" Jesse Jackson's statement
that it is "impossible for a black man to be a racist" notwithstanding.
But the quote is accurate.

It probably is called Affirmative Action here in Canada. I am in fact being discriminated on by race and sex. I graduated from
Down here they call it "reverse discrimination", which is a misnomer
at least. It's just plain discrimination based on race. Discrimination
based on sex may or may not make sense. There are some jobs which
women who may become pregnant just should not do.

college with honours, after two years of work experience I was told I need not submit an application, because there were no openings for young white males. I submitted the application,
Yep. It's governmental sponsored racism, just like the Jim Crow
laws were.

and never got a response. I tried again a couple more times over the last couple decades, but was more eloquently told I would not qualify for reasons other than qualifications. I met a guy who got one of the jobs last year when he volunteered at a music festival where I was also volunteering. I did not feel any better, about the selection process after talking with him and seeing the job he did as a volunteer setting up his part of the network. I was glad that, although he spent a lot of time working during the festival, I did not have any problems, and was able to enjoy my time. All I ended up having to do was setup, testing and tear down, but I still checked in a few times to make sure everything was OK.
I don't judge people by how they look, but by their qualifications.
We have hired technical staff from many demographic groups, the only things we require are qualifications, and the ability to speak clearly understandable English if customer interaction is a required part of the job.
Makes too much sense.

As ex-president Reagan said: "The most frightening words in
the English language are 'Hi, I'm from the government, and
I'm here to help you.'"

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
You have found the bank of Larn.
I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

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