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jdow wrote:
>> Qt and RHEL are both Free/Open-source. You do not necessarily need to
>> pay any licensing fees to make money on either of them. (Though, for
>> RHEL, you do have to remove the trademarked artwork and stuff before
>> you can redistribute it, with or without charging a fee for that
>> copying.)
> Reread the Qt license, Peter. If you have developed any software that
> uses Qt in any way (ie. for KDE) you MUST purchase a commercial license
> from TrollTech. And it is NOT cheap if you are a small developer.

Qt is dual-licensed; and one of these is the GPL. There is nothing that
excludes Free Software development and distribution from being a
commercial venture as well. (Please note that I said "commercial" and NOT
"proprietary".) In fact, the GPL explicitly allows one to charge for the
product in terms of the physical act of copying or warrantied support or
the like. (It's the actual licensing which you are not permitted to
charge for.)

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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