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thanks thomas!!

any idea regarding rhel 5? i'd assume that centos (5) would be out shortly
thereafter as well...



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bruce wrote:
> given the state of things right now.. should someone use FC4 of go ahead
> go to FC5?

Totally depends on what you want to do.  If you want to be absolutely
bleeding edge, FC5 is for you - warts and all.

I also like that the latest versions of GNOME and Firefox and so on are
in FC5.  I run FC5 when I run FC at all.  Normally I run RHEL though.

> also, can someone who's knowlegable tell me which version of RHEL is
> comparable to FC4 and/or FC5?

RHEL 4 is roughly equivalent to FC3/FC4.  RHEL 5 will be similar to what
you see in FC5.


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