Re: Usual "forbidden items" explanation

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Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> FWIW.....
>> The file TrustedComputing_LAFKON_MID_theora.avi contains magic that
>> seems to imply
>> TrustedComputing_LAFKON_MID_theora.avi: RIFF (little-endian) data,
>> AVI, 320 x 240,25.00 fps, video:, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo,
>> 24000 Hz)
> Yes, I thought I'd checked this, but I must have overlooked it - that
> file is not a valid Theora video file.
> The others are perfectly valid however, as is my initial assertion that
> Totem is set up as the default multimedia player for filetypes that it
> cannot handle, without downloading plugins that are not discussed in any
> detail. E.g. I had no idea until 5 minutes ago that the search I needed
> to do was for "gstreamer plugins" rather than "Totem plugins".

I think the point that is being missed is that the Fedora folks can't
legally distribute media players with plugins/codecs/etc that infringe
on patents and/or licensing/royalties.  So, no matter what media player
is installed by default that would be distributed by fedora it will be
crippled to the point of not being able to play certain formats.  So,
one can't can't gripe about the fedora folks.  And the argument of
"distro X" can do it, why can't fedora is irrelevant when "distro X" is
from a country outside of the USA.

So, the well known solution is to pull your media player stuff from
places like (They are based in France I believe) They
have totem stuff that will play those formats that the fedora
distributed totem can't.  So, in this case, even totem shouldn't be bad
mouthed.  That should be reserved for the Music/Motion Picture Industry,
MicroSoft, and the purveyors of proprietary licensed closed source
formats.  Oh, and probably a few lawyers....  :-)

One may say that the release notes should point this out...but I suspect
that legally fedora folks can't tell you how you go about breaking the
law as that is "illegal".

Chefet, Chefet, thought Dios. Maker of rings, weaver of metal. Now he's
out of our heads, and see how his nails grow into claws...

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