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Thomas Cameron wrote:
bruce wrote:
thanks thomas!!

any idea regarding rhel 5? i'd assume that centos (5) would be out shortly
thereafter as well...
RHEL 5 is slated for a December release, depending on feature
completeness and quality.
I don't know about CentOS's release cycle. IMHO, even though they are
technically true to the letter of the GPL, I think that they do
is a blatant ripoff of all the hard work that Red Hat does in creating
FC and then RHEL.
CEntOS does add value to RHEL because the users of the RHEL sourced
distribution run into problems on occasion with the derived
distribution. The bugs are examined by those who compile the
distribution and file patches and/or reports back to the RHEL
 developers. Eventually, those using CEntOS may buy RHEL products when
circumstances allow them and the product is affordable enough to warrant
the move.

 If you want RHEL, spend the bucks and get it.  It is
not expensive, WS is only $179 and it contains everything you will need for a workstation. If you want a true server build, ES is $349 and that is still cheap.
The pricing of the product sounds a lot more affordable compared to the
past pricing schemes I recall. If I ran a business where I needed a
stable OS with long term support, I would give high consideration to
investing in an RHEL release.
As stated earlier regarding RHEL4, it is pretty old in using
technological changes within the FC3 release. I moved through the Fedora
releases to date and do not need a super stable and frozen in time
release. When the next RHEL release comes out later in the year, I might
like the pricing, stability, features, support and other offerings
enough to run RHEL as a base for running programs.
I believe limiting filesytem choices and running non-native RHEL
programs and still getting support are my only hold backs. The reduced
programs within the distribution might be another consideration for
choosing the distribution.
See for pricing and details, and
see for links to comparisons of features and


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