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>> No different from the boat they're in now.  Download Core ISO, and three
>> others.  Still a lot to download, whether KDE is on the first or last
>> disc.  Likewise for Gnome,, et al.

Arthur PembertonL
> Of course it is different:
> 1) Buy a CD from a vendor:
> 2) A current FC user passes on the already burnt CDs to a newbie friend

I don't think that with Fedora you're going to get a one CD installation
of a useful computer system.  A one DVD installation, perhaps.  But
getting a disc is a different kettle of fish than downloading.

>> Just make the first disc small, so those wanting a real core-only system
>> can have it.  Then you can build up from other discs, downloaded files,
>> or whatever...

> Just out of curiousity, what do you consider to be a core-only system,
> or is there an objective definition so that I can better understand
> what you mean when you say that.

That's going to be a matter of opinion.  But to me, a really bare bones
core isn't going to install X (or parts of it), a plethora of graphics
manipulation libraries, etc.  As the last minimal installation I tried
of either FC3 or FC4 did.

I'd say that a really bare bones system just boots and gives you a
command shell where you can add anything, and everything, else that you

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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