Re: fc5 hangs

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telinit 3 by itself didn't help.  Can anybody suggest how to
debug this?  I've been using redhat/fedora for ~11 years now,
but I'm about to jump ship.  I'm losing way too much productivity
with this bug.  :(
Have you tried the 'top' command to see what processes are using resources? Without options it auto refreshes so you type 'q' to quit.
Yes, I've tried top... I posted the results earlier, so I won't post
them again here.  The load average was low, there was plenty
of memory, and no process seemed to be sucking CPU.  As I
mentioned in that earlier post, it sometimes showed all of the
processes as using -0.0 % of the CPU... I don't know what the
"-" sign was about, but maybe it's a clue.


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