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Vinicius wrote:
Gene Heskett escreveu:
Vinicius wrote:
Gene Heskett escreveu:
wwp wrote:
Hello Antoine,

On Sat, 3 Jun 2006 10:25:15 +0200 Antoine <[email protected]>

Does anyone know the best version (download, ie, FC3 or binary) of
skype to install on FC5?
The .rpm from the official skype website works fine here on FC5,

$ rpm -q skype


With what audio system does it work for you?


I installed Skype yesterday, this same rpm, but the echo test is failing
because the microphone is not working. I use Plantronics' Audio 90.

Any ideas, please?


In kmix, you want the red led under the mic slider turned red, but the
green led above that slider s/b dark.  You won't hear you in the
headphones, but skype will send whatever has the red leds enabled.

Excuse me, I'm using Gnome.

On Volume Control, I choosed the tab Capture, so I enabled the "sound"
and the "capture" buttons, and moved the slider to up.

Kmix works on Gnome, too?


Humm, sorry.  I've seen the gnome-mixer and I believe its actually
more complete than kmix, but I'll be darned if I can find it to run it ATM.

Cheers, Gene

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