Re: Trouble starting postgresql

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At 12:37 PM +0100 6/1/06, Paul Howarth wrote:
>Alan M. Evans wrote:
>> In any case, in your reply to the message linked above, you say:
>>> If it was me I'd just bind mount /home/pgsql on /var/lib/pgsql
>>> and there wouldn't be an issue...
>> And so I wonder: How does bind-mounting help me as regards default
>> contexts?
>> If I place data in /home/pgsql and bind-mount /var/lib/pgsql, then what
>> is the default context for pgsql? It depends on where restorecon was
>> run. If "restorecon -R /home" then pgsql will be set to the wrong
>> context; if "restorecon -R /var/lib" then it will be correct. And if,
>> for some reason, the entire filesystem gets relabelled, how do I know
>> which one it will get? I don't see what bind-mounting gains me anything
>> over my current predicament.
>You are right (and it illustrates an issue with path-based security). If
>the system was relabelled, it'd be pot luck whether the /home/pgsql or
>/var/lib/pgsql contexts were applied. The advantages of doing the bind
>mount are:
>1. No tweaks to policy are needed because everything is where it's
>expected to be.
>2. In the event of having to relabel the system and the contexts getting
>screwed up, all of the different contexts can be restored in one go with
>the single command "restorecon -Rv /var/lib/pgsql", as opposed to having
>to do different chcon commands for each different context that's needed.

Would --move do what is needed?  The space on /home would be used for the
dir /var/lib/pgsql, which would only be there, and not both places as with
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