Re: I had high hopes for FC5, damn...

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Reg Clemens wrote:
clemens@xxxxxxx wrote:
I had hight hopes for FC5, HELL, I was even going to install it
on my LAB machines without first testing it at home.

But some visionary has turned it into crap.

When doing an install, if the installer cant find a package you
used to get a message asking if you wanted it to try again. Whenever I got this message, either rereading , or popping the CD out, and cleaning it did the trick, next try the installer was able to read the package and the install continued, with a bit of a delay.

Now some clown has 'fixed' this so that the only option you get
is to REBOOT.  I dont need a button to reboot, I can manage that
quite easily with <CTL><ALT><DEL> or a power cycle.

My guess is, that I have some machines where I will NEVER be
able to install FC5 due to this improvment.  And Im not going
to try multiple times on the others, just to get a clean install.


On a slightly more positive note, is there any way around this
improvement? Does TEXT mode do the same thing?

Ways around this improvement:

Burn the disk slower.
Use different (better) media.
Use a different CD or DVD burner to burn the disk.
Use a different CD or DVD reader to perform the install.
Use a hard disk install
Use a FTP install
Use a HTTP install
Use a NFS install.
Try the nodma kernel parameter when installing.

(Hey - you asked right?)

I've personally installed using an external hard drive before. So I can verify that works. I haven't tried the others but they're still available options on the boot CD so I have to assume they're still valid.

Yes, well Id decided that the next try would be HardDisk (to the first machine)
and then FTP to the rest, I was just wanted to put my complaint down on the
list, and see if others were having the same problem. Just seems like a silly change.

It's more of a regression than a deliberate change. The backend of the installer has been completely rewritten to use yum, which is designed to try another mirror when there's a failure like this. In the installer, there is no other mirror to try, hence the fatal error. The backend change is also the reason why the FC5 installer is so much slower than the installers in previous releases. The benefits of the migration to the yum backend won't really be seen until FC6, when it should be possible to configure multiple repositories, e.g. updates, extras etc., at install time.

In the meantime, you could add a "me too" on this bug:

And possibly these related bugs too:


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